Market researcher, Newzoo, forecasts growth for the games industry over the next three years.

Key predictions include:

  • An 8% increase in revenue from mobile games by 2021
  • Mobile gaming to grow to a $100 billion industry by 2021
  • A 13.3% increase in overall revenue for the global games market by 2021
  • Engagement with PC games expected to grow in light of competitive play and e-sports

Additional insights for 2018:

  • From 2017 to 2018, mobile revenues will grow by more than 25%
  • In 2018, 51% of all gaming revenues—$70.3 billion—will come from mobile games
  • Console games to generate $34.6 billion
  • PC games to generate $32.9 billion
  • Games market to maintain double-digit compound annual growth rate of 11% 
  • China, the US, and Japan have the worlds largest mobile games markets
  • The average spend-per-payer in the Japanese mobile gaming market is almost 1.5 times higher than in North America